Unstoppable -Week 5

How To Give Feedback


Follow the ACTION LIST below for your next steps to complete this lesson.

  1. What isn’t this saying about your brand? Eg. I feel it could have a more
  2. What do you want it to be MORE of? Eg. I would like to see a more relaxed design, less boxed and restrained
  3. What do you want it to be LESS of? Eg. It’s too loud, it’s too stuffy, too sharp.
  4. What are you trying to achieve here?
  5. What’s the ONE thing I want my dream clients to feel/think about when they see this?
  6. What DID you like about their work?
  7. Write your feedback in a list of bullet points before submitting it

SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK TO THE TEAM: Open a new ticket and submit your feedback bullet list and attach the exact concept/revision PDF you are submitting feedback for us to review before sending to the design team.

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