Unstoppable -Week 3

Brand Message


Follow the ACTION LIST below for your next steps to complete this lesson.

  1. Review your Feel/Felt table from your Dream Client Profile
  2. Review your Problems List from your Dream Client Profile
  3. Fill in the Features/Benefits table for yourself
  4. Stitch it together and create your own sentence(s).
  • Features/Benefits table
    “Features tell, benefits sell”
    Benefits (so you can…)
    Eg. Group Coaching
    Eg. Create a tribe of people who will support you, going on same journey as you, you’re not alone and have support all the time
  1. What are the key benefits you will be offering your audience?
  2. Are these different than the benefits your competition are offering? If yes – that could be your USP!
  • We are a (agency/coaching company etc) that helps (who) get from (Feel/Pain) to (Benefits/Heaven) by (how).
  • We are a Website Agency that helps successful Shopify eCommerce startups to ride through the growing pains of adding more staff so they can easily grow and scale with a workplace culture their competitors will be the envy of.

SUBMIT HOMEWORK FOR REVIEW: Send us your Brand Message(s)! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Make them something powerful for your Dream Client!

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