1. Begin inner dialogue with yourself today – what are you grateful for past self for? What will you do today that future self will thank you for? Love on her. Develop a fun relationship with her!
  2. Clarify your Best Self – give her a name
  3. Practise showing up as your best self.
  4. What are the decisions you need to make this week? Embody your best self, go through the list (pasted below) and make decisions from a whole, aligned place of strength.
  5. Set a daily reminder – or add it to your morning daily rituals to check in with self and have this dialogue. Ask yourself who is driving.
  6. Did anything come up for you today? Any blocks, resistances? Don’t let it slide.. come to a Q&A or submit a ticket and address it.
Always acts in your best LONG TERM interest – eg. eat healthy
Makes choices for self from worthiness
Makes choices for self from love
Makes choices for self from wisdom
Most emotionally centred
In a place of rest, ease, flow, abundance
Operates from faith not fear
Most confident
Full of self-belief

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