Beyond The Cocoon

Hola beautiful people!
Whoah what an incredible journey you have been on! And likely when you’re watching this video, you aren’t quite finished yet.
I’m so excited for you, the transformation you’ve created in your own life and what this means for amazing possibilities and you living in your full income, impact and influence potential.
I wanted to let you know about the next steps that we currently have available for you as you graduate from The Cocoon.
This is absolutely not the end of your journey with us! I get so excited just knowing all the incredible results you’ve achieved, but that you are graduating into one of my favourite containers…

Lone Wolf Pack

On graduation, you will immediately receive 3 months’ bonus entry into the Lone Wolf Pack. (Read details here) This is a potent container where we take all this transformation and get implementing and taking action to transform our external world to align to the shiny new operating system you have now!
You don’t have to do anything other than accept our invitation to the Lone Wolf Pack Facebook Group on the day of your graduation. Please let us know if you don’t receive this.

The Secret Garden + VIP

For those of you who are wanting to up-level faster and work more intensely with me to achieve this, you need to explore The Secret Garden!
This is my 1:1 private coaching experience and I have a VIP experience with private retreats where we organise for you to escape to an indulgent sanctuary to up level and be completely spoiled! (available worldwide)
Please contact us here to request more information.

Coming Soon

Oh my goodness, the plans I have in place for so many other potent, transformative, fun and game-changing programs!!
Coming soon – Leave Your Mark, Barefoot Magic + so much more! The plan is, once these are launched we will have a special upgrade offer for The Becoming available just for previous clients.

Next Steps

If at any stage you’d love to discuss how we could work together closely, click here to schedule your Next Steps call (25 minute). We will uncover exactly how much progress you’ve made, and what your big next level looks like, and an action plan to get there.
It has been an absolute privilege to walk with you through this journey so far – I cannot express this enough! That you were willing to invest in yourself through me, that you were so open and honest, that you chose to face the things that are now your catalysts to a powerful up-level is the biggest honour to me.
I cannot WAIT to watch more of your journey unfold!

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