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Why get a concept search done?

Choosing a new brand is a pivotal point for your business. It holds a great amount of risk – if you choose a name that is too similar to a trade mark belonging to someone else, you could face being on the end of an infringement action by the trade mark owner. If you choose a name or logo that is difficult to protect as a trade mark, you might be unable to stop other traders from using a similar name or logo. So understanding the landscape of registered trade marks, and trade mark law, is an essential component of making that important choice about the concept you will proceed with.

Our concept searching product offers brief searching of registered trade marks and advice from us on which of the concepts are most likely to be protectable.

Included in the service is:

  • Quick review of identical trade mark registrations
  • Review of phonetically similar marks in the relevant class
  • Comparison of specifications where relevant, and likelihood that similar registered trade marks will be considered to be a problem because of similarity of services claimed by registered trade marks.
  • Analysis of your concepts in relation to the legal aspects of trade mark registrability, and advice to you on the likelihood of protection for those concepts

The Details:

  • The searching starts with your 2 top favourite concepts in one class.
  • If the search results indicate that there are likely to be risks we can conduct searches of further concepts at no extra cost for a maximum of up to 7 concepts in total.
  • If you require more classes let us know and we will be able to advise you of the additional costs.
  • If you would like to test a mark with the trade marks office, we can help you file a quick-turn-around application (what we call a ‘mock’ application) which will provide you with an initial examination report from IP Australia. The cost for this is $350 ex GST including our fees and government filing fees, and the standard application fees will only apply if you receive a positive examination report and you decide to proceed with the application. Let us know if you’re interested in this and we’ll talk you through what’s involved.
  • Note also that these are high level brief searches to help you get an idea of the landscape of current trade mark registrations. If you require more thorough searches or full common law searches (for example if you have a high-risk mark) we can help you to arrange these.

Trade Mark Registration Services:

If you decide to proceed to registration, we will then work with you to draft up your protection in the strongest possible way, so that you have the best protection available for your brand moving forward. We have a 100% success rate in achieving trade mark registrations for our clients where we have been involved in the concept development phase.

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