Week 1: Dream

Mindset Matters

The FIRST thing is the BIGGEST thing. Get rid of the gremlins before we begin.

Purpose & Vision

Look forwards so we can work backwards.


Harness the most powerful


Understanding what went wrong helps us get it right.


Aligning your focus to the results you desire.

Week 2: Tribe

Mindset Foundations

The 3 ways you’re getting in your own way, and how to fix them.

Your Niche

Aligning your focus to the results you desire.

Dream Client Profiling

The more specific you are with what you want, the more focused you’ll be to get it.

Bad Clients & The Big NO

How to avoid ‘bad clients’ in your business and how to politely say no.

Where Art Thou?

How to find your dream clients.

Week 3: Uncover

How Brands Fit Together
Identity & Brand Values

The leaders of tomorrow stand for something, so what will yours be?

Competitor Analysis

How to research and analyse competitors the RIGHT way, that makes you walk away feeling sparkly!

What Makes You Different?

What is that special magic that separates you from the pack?

Brand Positioning Pt 1
Brand Message

Articulating your core message to your dream clients so they want to buy from you.

10 Ways To Stand Out From The Competition
Brand Promise

Week 4: The Name

Intro & Mindset

Let’s remove the gremlins and focus on the future.

Should I rename?

How do you know if you even need to rename your business or not?

Personal Name vs Business Name

Should I just use my personal name? Or do I need a business name? What’s the difference?

The Checklist You Need

Use this checklist against your current name (if you’re deciding to rename) or against your new naming ideas to make sure they tick the boxes!

Namestorming Part 1

How to “namestorm” like the pros.

Namestorming Part 2

Putting it all together.

Extraordinarily Awesome Naming Kit

The kit you will lovvvve us for!

Namestorming Part 3

How to create a business name that is Brandable.

Expert Interview - Legal

An extensive chat with a real live Trademark Solicitor!

Trademark Searches & Consultation

Getting your legal ducks in a row, the right way.

Final Decision

How to make that final decision eeep!

Week 5: Team


Getting the right team on board for the project, and creating a website that represents your core identity

Getting A Logo You Love

The characteristics of a fabulous logo that will last.

Branding Vision Board

Articulating your vision for the project in a really clear, visual way (don’t worry – you won’t need your glue stick)

How to Brief The Team

How to get your designers, copywriters, web devs to understand you.

Done For You Branding Instructions

It’s TIME eep! Let’s get you that amazing new Brand Suite that matches the real you!

How To Give Feedback

Not 100% on board with your new design/copy/website? Watch this first!

Powerful Websites

Creating your very own sitemap which takes your dream client from interested to “I want to work with you!”

Expert Interview: Websites

Don’t know what you don’t know? Learn all the ins and outs from our website expert.

Creating An On-Brand Photoshoot

Nailing your professional photoshoot so it’s on-brand and amazing!

Week 6: Communicate Part 1

Communicating & Believing In Your Value

How to finally actually believe and communicate your true unique value.

Brand Personality

How to inject some personality pizazz into your brand!

Brand Voice

Finding your unique brand voice.

Brand Messaging - Part 2

Learn how to speak your dream client’s language without your mad professor-speak.

Elevator Pitch

You don’t need to stumble over your words at a networking event ever again.

Brand Words Library

You’re going to love me so much! This Library is DA BOMB

Week 7: Communicate Part 2

Website copy

Writing on-brand website copy doesn’t need to be bland.

A Killer About Page

How to write an About Page that people actually want to read.

Social media + blog post topics

Creating social media and blog posts that are on-brand like it’s a walk in the park!

Week 8: Launch & Scale

Introduction & Advanced Mindset

This is not the time to slow down – make sure your mindset is solid before launch.

Keys To A Powerful Relaunch

How to transition your brand while keeping your clients. We’ve created some cool templates you’re gonna love!

Brand Bible

Your future self will thank you for creating a simple, powerful Brand Bible

Marketing Plan

A simple, but killer Marketing Plan just for youuuuu. You’re welcome!

Week 9: Next Step

Next Step

It’s not ever yet! We got you. Click the button to book a chat to see what your next step options are to get more support.

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