behind brand brave

Are you ready to quit being small?
Are you ready for your dream future?

Brand Brave empowers you to think about your future, your business and brand in a completely different way. It enables you to create the future you’ve dreamed of – whether that’s blogging from a beach on Santorini, or working from home with a beautiful rainforest view.

Brand Brave is an intensive 8 week VIP branding program for creative entrepreneurs, big thinkers and disruptors.

Are you ready to create your own change?

why brand brave?

In it’s simplest form, having a solid brand is about 2 things. Okay, 3 things;

  1. being remembered
  2. getting chosen
  3. building trust and keeping it

Brand Brave is a program that is unlike any other online branding course in that it;

  • pulls out your special magic and packages it in a way that;
  • gets you remembered, chosen and trusted;
  • fast-tracks your results;
  • is multi-faceted with plenty of 1:1 time – you are NOT in this alone!
  • is a program that is application only – meaning you’re joining, supporting and graduating with other amazing, big-thinkers and action-takers!

who’s behind it?

Well aren’t you inquisitive!

Brand Brave is a sub-brand of The Golden Goose Consulting.

The Golden Goose Consulting is the first business baby of Leah Bridge. The second is her online store, Navy Crockett.

You can read more about Leah over here if you so wish to continue your stalking adventure! 🙂

why listen to me?

I’m focused on getting practical results for clients. I’ve:

  • Coached one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers to secure her brand direction and get clear on her brand messaging for her brand new eCommerce store.
  • Coached a client in the education industry to rename + rebrand a business that had previously failed, and is now a success!
  • Rebranded, renamed, re-pitched and quadrupled my rates in my own business.
  • Opened the eyes of a designer who was incredibly stuck to see she could be anything she wanted.
  • … and helped countless creatives, consultants and entrepreneurs step into the shoes of the person they’ve always wanted to be!

I’ve been working with and on brands for 10 years, weaving my magic wand to create loyal brand lovers and unique, authentic brands. My brand expertise has been featured in Smart Company, Women In Focus and the MYOB Small Business Owner blog.

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