The Last Rebrand | The Last Rebrand

get the clarity you need to create a beautiful look and feel you love!

The Last Rebrand eCourse

  • Want to create branding you’re in love with and proud of?
  • Are you tired of looking the same as your competitors?
  • Do you feel embarrassed by your website, preferring to hide it rather than show it off?
  • Are you tired of a business that undersells how awesome you are?
  • Want the clarity & confidence your favourite brands have on online?

in the last rebrand, i’ll show you how to build an authentic brand you feel 110% confident in.

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The Last Rebrand Online Branding Course
The Last Rebrand Book

The Last Rebrand Book

Creating an authentically timeless brand in a chop and change world.

what if you felt proud to promote your brand?

Get instant access to the Free How To Fix A Brand Checklist where I’ll help you work out exactly what’s going on with your brand, where the gaps are and what it will take to fix them.

The Last Rename | The Last Rebrand

Feel as confident in your new business name as you do in your favourite heels! Join The Last Rename – for up-levelling entrepreneurs who want a game-changing name that fits their business vision.

Leah Bridge


In 2009, my entrepreneurial adventure began. Equipped with a love for people, perfection, identity creation and design, The Golden Goose was born.

Owning a business is everything I thought it would be, and more. It continuously challenges me in the most amazing ways possible and is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life.

I love new ideas and adventures, cheese, fine food, holidays, fabulous friends and people that have the entrepreneurial sparkle in their eye.

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